Colton Brown (born April 3, 1981) is an American rapper and producer from Moore Haven, Florida. Being an independent artist, he does all of his own production, recording, and mixing himself. Colton started his music career back in 1999 during his Senior year in high school. Having no formal training or musical background, it was a long road for Colton, as he learned the art of beat making, recording, mixing, and mastering all of his own music.

Countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into Colton Brown's music over the years, and yet here he stands, ready to face the world with the knowledge and insight gained from struggling to provide a life for his family, while at the same time continuing to chase his dream.

In 2005, Colton built his own studio from the ground up and began to take his music seriously, quitting his 9-5 job in order to focus all of his attention on his music career. 8 monhts later, in 2006, he released his first studio album titled "Gotta Watch My Back". The album saw moderate local success and was not promoted at all, other than word of mouth.

Immediately after finishing "Gotta Watch My Back" in 2006, Colton was back in the studio again, already working on his 2nd studio album titled "Under Investigation" which ended up taking 2 years to complete due to a lot of events which took place outside of Colton's music career. The album was finally released in 2008, again with no promotion but this time the album did well in the local scene in South and Central Florida, thanks to the hit single "Chevy Boyz ft. EP and SassyTee".

Never one to sit idly by, Colton was already back in the studio working on his 3rd studio album "One Man Band" which was released less than a year later in 2009. Once again, no promotion, but the album grew legs of its own with the hit singles "Empty Glass ft. Gary Stewart" and "Billy The Kid", and it is still seeing successful sales on iTunes and other digital distribution channels.

Colton took this momentum and turned it into a positive career move by releasing his 4th studio album "Waitin On A Miracle" late in 2010.

After a small break, Colton Brown returned to the music with the release of his 5th album "Alcohol Amnesia". The album is a more personal reflection of his life, relationships, and experiences, and was received extremely well by his fans.

Fast forward to the year 2020, and Colton once again is back out of the studio with a new album entitled "Let The World Burn Down". The album is a mixture of the old harder style of rap that Colton started out with on albums like "Gotta Watch My Back" and "Under Investigation", mixed with some of his newer style found on his "Alcohol Amnesia" and "Waitin On A Miracle" albums.


"Gotta Watch My Back" - 2006.
"Under Investigation" - 2008.
"One Man Band" - 2009.
"Waitin On A Miracle" - 2010.
"Alcohol Amnesia" - 2014.
"Let The World Burn Down" - 2020.

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